Winter Gear Checklist

Winter is coming, but that definitely doesn’t deal a death blow to the hiking season; Late Fall into Winter gives way to some of the best hiking conditions of the year – No mosquitoes, low humidity,  – perfect. Consider our winter gear checklist and you’ll be all set for Fall & Winter hiking at its best. 

All month we'll be posting insider tips on our favorite Pi winter trails so stay tuned in.


Insect Identification??

Can you identify this winged insect we spotted at Budny Beach resting on a stone? Just look at those amazing colors! Comment below to help us out. - Be sure to check back next week for the answer!


Horseshoe Pond

Tucked away out near the point, Horseshoe pond is home to Erie's only community of floating homes. These quaint house boats are a unique must see for all park explorers.  This is a great fishing spot for Largemouth Bass & Northern Pike. The pond is open to wading, boating, and shore walking, but the house boats are privately owned so be sure to respect ownership boundaries. 



Northern Bayberry


Kingdom:    Plantae
Order:    Fagales
Family:    Myricaceae
Genus:    Myrica
Species:    M. pensylvanica

One of the strangest looking plants on Pi for sure - Northern Bayberry is a short shrub that produces clusters of small blue-white hard waxy berries. During the Fall season the leaves dry up and turn brown. If you crush a few of the fallen leaves between your fingers and smell, you will be treated to one of Pi's most delightful aromatic treats. Look for it on Dead Pond & other sandy trails. 




Coral Reef?

Believe it or not none of these pictures were taken under water on a tropical coral reef. Presque Isle's shoreline of trees, shrubs, and grasses plays host to a different kind of reef, not a coral reef but instead a rich & diverse array of lichens, mushrooms, fungus, & mosses that thrive and feed on the rich and moist Lake Erie air. These microcosms are a must see for all park explorers with the patience to slow down and look closely. Always remember that these are very delicate living organisms, and as such they have the same rights as you and I. Be careful not to damage or disturb them as you observe their splendor.