In May of 2015, the leadership team at Radius Cowork Erie, PA brought me on board to help articulate their vision for a gallery program at their downtown office complex. 

The project scope was vast and included branding, marketing, project management, sales, renovations & asset fabrication. 

Over the course of one year I developed a successful gallery program and marketing campaign that increased profits and strengthened the brand for Radius.

Working directly with local universities and the Erie Art Museum, I coordinated a series of Gallery Night events during which student artists would debut new bodies of contemporary work for show to the public. Email marketing software, social media, and print media assets were utilized to make a broad community impact and generate publicity buzz. These events quickly grew to become the brand's most valuable marketing asset.

Once an artist's body of work was debut'd at a Gallery Night event, it would rotate into Radius' main offices where it would remain on sale for several months before being rotated out to make room for fresh work. This rotation flow keeps an office feeling fresh and alive while bringing in additional revenue - Another aspect of the gallery program that quickly grew to become a valued brand asset. 

I exited the roll in May 2016, able to stamp the project a big success. A project of this scale, with no playbook to run by, forces monumental growth and development personally and professionally. I am very grateful to have had the experience.